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Rymax Lubricants expands to 13 new countries in 2020

Despite the reality of COVID-19 holding the world in a firm grip, Rymax Lubricants has been able to realize impressive growth to 13 new countries in 2020. The Dutch lubricants specialist is now active in almost 60 countries and looks back at the biggest growth in its history.
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Rymax Lubricants holds an effective Marketing strategy which was initiated in 2019, a very driven Sales team and a service orientated Logistics department responsible for the companies’ growth. 

“Although our company already has 35 years of experience in lubricants, the Rymax brand as we know it today has only been on the market for 6 years now.” Says Mr. Erik Vermeer, Commercial Director and one of the owners of the company. 

“The fact that we have been able to grow steadily and substantially since the establishment of Rymax, gives us the confidence to actively search for and acquire new partners. Our relationship always comes first and because of the positive feedback we receive from our partners, we have the confidence to expand. We know that we are doing something right.”

New partners

The expansion of Rymax Lubricants happened with new partners in Asia, Europe and in The America’s. New partners were also found in Africa, for example in Republic of Congo, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa. Mr. Erik Vermeer: “We are also proud to welcome our distributor in the United States of America, but this has only just happened, so we have to write this to 2021. But the growth in North- and South America is something we have actively pursued, and we are happy to see the professionality and ambition of our new partners. We believe that with our complete product assortment and high level of customer support, 2021 will again be a year of growth.”  


In numbers, Rymax Lubricants acknowledges that growth could have been higher if it wasn’t for the consequences of the pandemic. The shortage on the market, not only from the demand side but increasingly also from suppliers’ side could definitely be felt. “But still we managed to realize a growth in our sales result of 17% compared to last year. Amongst others, we have seen a shift in the demand for our products that are used more for leisure: motorcycle engine oils, outboard engine oils and maintenance products. I think with people worldwide spending more time at home, the demand for this part of our assortment changes, showing that a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, also provides opportunities if you are agile enough to respond to it,” concludes Erik Vermeer.

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