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Our Story

Established in 1986, Rymax Lubricants began its journey as a Dutch lubricant company. Starting with selling its first products in Africa and quickly expanding its reach to customers worldwide. Over the years, Rymax has experienced impressive growth, enhancing its product portfolio as well as its large distribution network. Today, Rymax Lubricants offers an impressive range of over 300 different high-quality products, catering to customers in more than 60 countries across the globe.
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The Rymax Brand

Proudly rooted in the Netherlands, Rymax Lubricants draws inspiration from the country's prestigious oil industry, led by the renowned Royal Dutch Shell. The innovative mindset, cutting-edge research, and state-of-the-art technology available in Holland have played a vital role in the brand's evolution, allowing it to establish itself as a leader in the lubricant market. Rymax Lubricants excels in swiftly and cost-effectively shipping products worldwide. Whether transported by boat, train, or truck, our products are promptly delivered with all the necessary documentation.

At the core of Rymax Lubricants' success lies the cherished relationships built with partners around the world. These connections are founded on trust, effective communication, and authenticity. From the dedicated individuals working in our factories and warehouses to the reliable logistical partners, everyone involved values the brand's focus on quality, service, and a personalized approach. For almost 40 years years, Rymax has embodied these values, earning a reputation for its strong work ethic and commitment to delivering exceptional results. With an extensive presence in over 55 countries, Rymax Lubricants has become a prominent player in the lubricant industry since its inception in 1986. Drawing from a rich history of leadership in the Dutch oil sector, Rymax has carefully developed a comprehensive range of high-quality lubricants, greases, fluids, and car care products suitable for various applications. Additionally, the brand has actively collaborated with renowned professionals and participated in prominent events within various industries, solidifying our commitment to continuous improvement and exploration.

Central to the Rymax Lubricants ethos is the desire to embrace challenges and venture beyond the comfort zone. We believe that such experiences offer a fresh perspective on things. By daring to go above and beyond, taking risks, and sharing these endeavours with like-minded individuals driven by passion, Rymax embodies a spirit of innovation and progress. While acknowledging the inherent difficulties, the brand understands that self-improvement ultimately makes the journey worthwhile. As enthusiastic supporters of our partners' endeavours, Rymax Lubricants constantly seeks to challenge the status quo, constantly striving to enhance our offerings today for an even better tomorrow.

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