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Rymax Lubricants Reports Best Year Yet in 2023

Rymax Lubricants continues its path of growth. The post-Covid year 2023 has pushed results and expansion to new countries, as well as the introduction of new products and a brand-new packaging line.
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Although 2023 was the first post-Covid year with a world that has opened again, there were still major challenges that had a big effect on the year 2023. Managing Director Wouter Cuppen states: “Despite the complexities introduced by geopolitical tensions and market fluctuations, the company adapted to the evolving landscape very well. This was necessary, but I am particularly proud of the way our company has managed to do so in a flexible way.” 

Despite challenges, Rymax Lubricants looks back on its best year yet.

With expansion to as many as eight new countries and excellent sales in existing markets, the results are very satisfactory over 2023. Rymax Lubricants has never sold more lubricants and greases before. Cuppen continues: “We’ve seen a good spread amongst our many distributors on different continents. Africa remains a very important continent for us and in 2023, South and Middle America lived up to their reputation as growth markets. Europe positively surprised us; considered to be a saturated market, we have realized our best result here yet. This healthy diversification is essential for sustainable growth and a direct result of our strategy.”

The strategy set out by Rymax Lubricants focuses on growth. To grow in a responsible way, the company aims to diversify market share to different parts of the world. 2023 prove once more that global circumstances can have big effects on results and if one important market suffers, it is important to be able to compensate with good results elsewhere. This diversification also applies on the offered product assortment and sourcing possibilities. Strictly managed from the headquarters in The Netherlands, the strategy of international growth proves to be successful.

Commercial director Mr. Erik Vermeer notes another important milestone in 2023: “Rymax Lubricants is known for its vibrant orange bottles and full-color drums. Last year we completely revised our product packaging. We’ve updated our Corporate Identity, invested in new, improved, and unique labels, bottles, and drums, and renewed our product portfolio. We’ve introduced a food grade assortment and optimized our offering in the different segments. Although the update to our packaging is an evolution rather than a revolution, still, the changes are comprehensive and prepare our brand for further growth, aligning with our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.”

With the growth to eight new countries, the sales records, and the completely updated product assortment, Rymax Lubricants is confirmed that it has set out the right strategy for sustainable growth. Vermeer: “Diversifying product offering, improving production flexibility and quality, and investments in marketing and sales pay off and benefit our distributors worldwide, resulting in Rymax’s best year yet.”

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