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Rymax Experience 2018: A successful distributor meeting

​The Rymax Experience 2018 has come to an end. More than 60 Rymax distributors came together in Agadir, Morocco to learn, share successes and to have fun.
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They received trainings, workshops and presentations about the product range, sales, online marketing & communications and more. Awards were given to three distributors in the categories: Best Brand Ambassador, Best Online Presence and Best Rymax Launch.

After spending 2 days learning all about the Rymax brand, it was time for fun! Everyone went to the bivouac of the Morocco Desert Challenge in Plage Blanche. There they could meet the members of Team Rymax and other participants of the second-biggest rally in the world sponsored by Rymax. In the evening everyone had drinks by the campfire and the night was spent in tents in the bivouac for the ultimate rally experience. We look back on a successful event in which knowledge was shared, relationships were strengthened and successes celebrated. We want to thank all participants for their presence and their positive energy!

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