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Riding your motorcycle in the winter? Here’s how!

The cold weather doesn’t have to put a stop to your biking adventures. By following these simple modifications and safety tips, you can keep riding through the winter.
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Of course, one of the most important things to drive safely in the winter is having the right outfit to stay warm. Make sure you have suitable clothes and gloves especially designed for the colder months. You can also choose to change your tires to winter tires, so you have more grip and better dispersal of water. To ensure your bike is ready for the road, you have to check if the fluids in your bike are in good condition. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Change the motor oil
    Dirt residues in the engine oil slowly sink to the bottom of your engine. In addition, old engine oil contains combustion residues that cause the oil to lubricate less well when your engine is idle for longer. Therefore, change your engine oil and the oil filter at the beginning of winter.
  2. Clean and lubricate your chain
    Use chain cleaner to carefully clean your motorcycle chain. Then spray your chain with chain lube and spray it especially on the side where your chain touches the sprocket. Remember to never drive off immediately after spraying your chain. The spray must be absorbed for at least 15 minutes to "stick" to your chain.
  3. Prevent engine block damage by replacing the coolant in time
    Regularly check your coolant level, so that it can keep your engine at the right temperature. Never top up coolant with water, because coolant also contains antifreeze which ensures that your cooling water does not freeze in the winter. When water freezes, it expands, and cracks can occur in the block. This can cause hundreds or even thousands of euros in damage while a bottle of coolant can save you this damage. Coolant also has a lubricating effect on the water pump and contains additives that ensure that no corrosion occurs in the engine block.


Be careful when driving in winter conditions, but most of all: have fun!

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