Foam Cleaner

Foam Cleaner

Multipurpose Cleaning Foam

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Rymax Foam cleaner is a top-tier, multi-purpose cleaning foam that is specifically designed for tackling light contamination. Its unique foam-based formulation ensures extended contact time, resulting in highly effective cleaning. Additionally, its drip-free consistency allows it to be applied to vertical surfaces without any hassle. Rymax foam cleaner is highly versatile and suitable for use in various industrial and workplace settings, including but not limited to counters, wall tiles, furniture, car parts, doors, whiteboards, sanitary fittings, kitchen cupboards, and garden furniture.

How to use? - Shake the aerosol can well before use. - From a distance of 12-20 cm, apply the multi-foam cleaner to the contaminated surface. - Allow approximately 15 seconds for the foam to penetrate and work its magic. - Use a dry and clean cloth to wipe away the dirt and grime. - Repeat the above process if necessary to achieve desired results.






  • Highly effective against ink, grease, and smoke deposits
  • Safe for use on a wide range of materials, including most plastics, rubbers, and paint
  • User-friendly and environmentally friendly due to its solvent-free, water-based formula, with a subtle scent

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