Dione HD Concentrated

Dione HD Concentrated

Antifreeze and Concentrated Engine Coolant

AFNOR NF R15-601 ASTM D6210 ASTM D3306 ASTM D4656 ASTM D4985 BS 6580 CAT EC-1 SAE J1034
AntiFreeze & Coolants
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Rymax Dione HD Concentrated is a monoethylene glycol based engine coolant and antifreeze concentrate, which uses Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology and is free from amines, phosphates and silicates. Fleet trials have proven that when used at the correct concentration, coolants based on Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology continue to provide effective corrosion protection up to 250.000 km for passenger cars and 1.000.000 km in commercial vehicles. It is recommended that the coolant is replaced when the above mileages is reached or after 5 years, whichever comes the sooner.Dione HD Concentrated is suitable for heavy-duty cast iron engines and is suitable for use against applications requiring the CAT EC-1 standard

Rymax Dione HD is miscible with other coolants. The general recommendation, is to drain and flush cooling sytem containing other traditonal coolants before using the diuted Dione HD. If not done according to recommendation, performance and longevity of the product could be reduced.






  • Rymax Dione HD Concentrated is a powerful coolant and antifreeze. To ensure proper performance, it is recommended to incorporate a minimum of 33% (1:2) volume of Dione HD in the coolant solution. Most car manufacturers advise a balanced concentration of 50% (1:1) volume for optimal results, offering both effective corrosion protection and enhanced coolant system performance. In extremely cold climates, increasing the concentration to 67% (2:1) volume is advisable to prevent freezing and improve overall coolant performance. It is recommended to use Demi water, such as distilled or deionized water. Dione HD is formulated to be used with different water qualities and is compatible with hard water.

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