Apollo VV 0W-30

Apollo VV 0W-30

Full Synthetic Fuel Economy Engine Oil

ACEA A5/B5 API SL/CF Volvo VCC 95200377
Passenger Car Engine Oils
258239 Apollo VV 0 W 30 4 L 0 5x


Rymax Apollo VV 0W-30 is a long-life, full saps technology, fully synthetic based oil formulation. Apollo VV 0W-30 has is applicable in modern Euro-4 to Euro 6 engines, diesel or gasoline, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, indirect or direct injection, requiring a SAE 0W-30 with ACEA A5/B5 and API SL specifications. Apollo VV 0W-30 enables the engine to perform under all operating conditions due to its special additive package. Rymax Apollo VV is also available in SAE 0W-20.This product is specially applicable Volvo engines.

Apollo VV 0W-30 provides excellent performance in piston cleanliness, in reducing sludge formation and in keeping the turbocharger clean. Due to unique formulation, the oil has a low evaporation tendency resulting in minimizing oil consumption.






  • Fast cold start properties which results in less wear due to a stable lubricant film
  • Great dispersant and detergent properties, which warrants a clean operation
  • Very good lubrication film at very high working temperatures
  • Very good anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties

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