Aludax WFG 2

Aludax WFG 2

Food Grade Aluminium complex Thickener and White Oil

ISO 6743/9: L-XBCHB2 DIN 51825: KP2K-20
Food Grade Oils Greases
504647 Aludax WFG 2 18kg 0 5x


Rymax Aludax WFG 2 is a series of food grade grease formulated with complex soap, medicinal oil, firm additive package and solid lubricants. These aluminium complex greases are designed to lubricate almost any application requiring a food grade lubricant. They provide excellent lubricating properties and high water resistance, making them ideal for applications that involve both water presence and high loads. They are also available with NLGI grades of 00, 0 and 1.

This grease is suitable for use in bearings operated within a temperature range of -20 to 150 ºC and are particularly useful for lubricating chains or conveyor chains in very wet conditions, as often seen in packing operations and slaughterhouses. Rymax Aludax WFG 2 can be used in water valves or taps, providing long-life lubrication to the most critical parts.

Applications: - Suitable for general lubrication and bearings in the food industry. - It can also be used for slide ways and chains. - In addition, it is effective for lubricating water valves and taps, providing long-lasting lubrication for critical parts.






  • Excellent lubricating properties and high water resistance
  • Excellent pumpability which makes it suitable for centralized systems
  • Suitable for medium loaded high bearings

Available in

size-icon-20l 20L
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