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The Rymax Lubricants passenger car line is developed to meet internationally accepted and required standards such as ACEA, API, and ILSAC. The products meet all important OEM requirements from major brands like VW, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Renault, GM, Chrysler, Volvo, BMW, Toyota, and Porsche.

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The Rymax Passenger Car assortment of engine oils is designed to meet internationally accepted standards and has several OEM and API approvals. Rymax Lubricants ensures that your engine and other key components receive the optimum level of protection while lengthening component lifetime and keeping down your costs of ownership. Our corporation with racers, motorsport teams and many professionals working with lubricants every day, has helped us to create the perfect product for any engine. Our ECO-line products are developed for the latest engine technology and offer many environmental conscious elements required today. From a race truck in the desert to a drift car on the track: Our products are tested by professionals in the field to ensure they can withstand the most extreme circumstances.

The oils are divided into different technology groups to meet the requirements of modern and older cars:

  • Bronze Line: Mineral base oil
  • Silver Line : Synthetic Blend base oil
  • Gold Line: Full Synthetic base oil
  • Black (Rival) Line: Attractively priced, non-approved formulation product (Mineral/Synthetic/Full Synthetic)
  • Eco Line: Environmental friendly and sustainable products
  • Platinum / R series: Products suited specifically for racing applications
  • Orange Line: Fluids and Coolants

Rymax Lubricants ensures

  • High-performance engine oils
  • Outstanding fuel economy
  • Long drain intervals
  • Low emissions
  • Maximum protection against wear
  • Excellent lubrication at both high and low temperatures

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