Radiator Cleaner

Radiator Cleaner

Cleaner, Improver, Reducer

Improves radiator performance
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The specially-formulated Rymax Radiator Cleaner is designed to efficiently and comprehensively clean your entire cooling system, while improving heat transfer from the engine to the coolant/cooling system.

Benefits include the removal of sludge, rust, scale and other harmful deposits, which leads to improved heat transfer and prevention of overheating. The cleaner also allows fresh coolant to perform optimally, prevents the build-up of acids and contaminants, and is acid-free, non-poisonous, and safe for rubber hoses, metal parts, and gaskets.


  • Can be used on radiators made of aluminum, plastic, and steel in cooling systems for petrol, diesel, and LPG engines.
  • Compatible with all types of cooling fluids, including conventional antifreeze and water.

How to Use

  • Before use, shake the product well.
  • Pour the entire contents of one bottle into the radiator.
  • Drive for approximately 30 minutes.
  • Drain the cooling system.
  • Flush the system with water and refill with the recommended coolant.

Important: be careful when opening the radiator or cooling system: hot coolant or steam might escape from the system!

One 250 ml bottle is sufficient for cooling systems with a volume of up to 12 litres






  • Thoroughly eliminates sludge, rust, and other deposits from the cooling system, improving its overall efficiency.
  • Enhances heat transfer within the system, effectively preventing overheating and maintaining optimal temperature levels.
  • Facilitates the optimal performance of fresh coolant by removing contaminants that can hinder its effectiveness.
  • Prevents the accumulation of acids and other harmful substances that can negatively impact the cooling system.
  • Non-poisonous, non-acidic, and safe for rubber hoses, metal parts, and gaskets, ensuring compatibility and protection for all components of the system.

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