Leto MV

Full Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

Acura/Honda PN 08206-9002 American Motors Corporation C4124 Audi PN G002000 Bentley JNV862564F BMW ZF TE-ML 09 Chrysler MS-11655B Daimler/Chrysler MS1872 Daimler/Chrysler MS5931F&G Daimler/Chrysler MS9602 Daimler/Chrysler MS9933A Fendt X 902 011 622 Ford M2C195A Ford M2C33F Ford ESW-M2C128 C&D Ford M2C128D Ford MS2195A Ford M2C138C Ford M2C138CJ Ford WSS M2C204A GM 9985010 GM 9985835 GM 89021184 Hyundai/Kia PSF-3 Hyundai 00232-19017 Iveco 18-1823 Land Rover LR003401 MAN M3289 Massey Ferguson MB 345.0 Mitsubishi PS Fluid/Diamond SP III Navistar TMS 6810 NH 610A Nissan PSF-II Opel B 040 0070 Opel B 040 2012 Porsche 000 043 206 56 Porsche 000 043 203 33 PSA B71 2710 PSA S71 2710 Saab 93160548 Saab 3032 380 Saab PSF 2634 Saab PSF 45 30 09 800 Saab PSF 93160548 Saab PN 30 09 800 SDFG OF1611S Subaru PN K0209A0080 Volkswagen VW-TL-570-26 Volkswagen VW-TL-52 146.01 VW G 004 012 Volvo 1161529 Volvo 30741424
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Rymax Leto MV is a highly advanced, multi-vehicle hydraulic oil specifically designed for demanding applications such as levelling systems, centralized hydraulic systems under high stress, shock absorbers, and power steering systems. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure excellent viscosity performance across varying temperatures and optimized shear stability.

Leto MV's superior formulation guarantees consistent and reliable operation even in extreme conditions. Its advanced technology enables it to maintain optimal viscosity characteristics, ensuring efficient hydraulic system performance. The oil's optimized shear stability prevents viscosity breakdown, ensuring consistent performance and protecting critical components.






  • Excellent oxidation stability.
  • Optimized temperature stability
  • Outstanding cold temperature properties
  • Proven OEM technology
  • Very good shear stability

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