Hydra AW FG 46

Hydra AW FG 46

Food Grade Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil

Food Grade Oils Hydraulic Oils
504227 Hydra AW FG 46 20 L 0 5x


Rymax Hydra AW FG 46 is a premium oil formulated with meticulously chosen additives and highly refined base stocks to achieve outstanding performance. This non-toxic oil is specifically designed for applications within the food production and processing industry, where there may be incidental contact with food or raw materials during production. With its exceptional performance characteristics, Rymax Hydra AW FG oils can be effectively utilized in various manufacturing process applications. They are also available in ISO VG-32/68 grades.

Moreover, Hydra AW FG is available in a wide range of options to cater to different requirements. Notably, these oils have NSF approval, highlighting their compliance with strict industry standards for use in food-related applications. This makes Hydra AW a reliable choice for ensuring lubrication efficiency, performance, and safety in the demanding and sensitive environments of the food production and processing industry.






  • Smooth operation in high and low temperature lubrication
  • Low pour point allowing operations below 0 ºC
  • Excellent demulsifying capacity, excellent anti-foam and high shear stability

Available in

size-icon-20l 20L
size-icon-205l 205L
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