Gevitro GL-4 TXZ 75W-80

Gevitro GL-4 TXZ 75W-80

Full Synthetic Heavy-Duty Gear Oil

API GL-4 DAF MAN 341 Type Z4 MAN 341 Type E3 MB 235.4 Eaton Europe (300 000 km or 3 years) IVECO Renault B0032/2 Volvo 97305 Volvo 97307 ZF TE-ML 01L ZF TE-ML 02L ZF TE-ML 08 ZF TE-ML 13 ZF TE-ML 16K
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Rymax Gevitro GL-4 TXZ 75W-80 is a supreme fully synthetic manual transmission performance lubricant, especifically designed for the latest transmissions and ZF Intarder brake systems of European heavy duty applications. Rymax Gevitro GL-4 TXZ is blended from especially selected base stocks and advanced additives to provide enhanced gear shift ability, extended service life and excellent protection against component wear and oil seal deterioration. Rymax Gevitro GL-4 TXZ meets the needs of the latest European truck manufactures such as DAF, Renault, IVECO but also KAMAZ. Suitable for usage in heavy duty manual transmissions where API GL-4 quality oils are specified. But also in on-road light- and heavy duty trucks, busses, van's and passenger cars and off-road equipment in construction, mining and agriculture. Suitable for applications involving spiral bevel gears operating under moderate to severe speeds and loads and axles with hypoid gears operating under mild to moderate speeds. Rymax Gevitro GL-4 TXZ also meets the performance requirements of synchromesh transmissions which includes synchromesh compatibility, thermal stability and shift feel.






  • Fully compatible with synchromesh gearboxes
  • It has excellent extreme pressure and antiwear properties which leads to lower maintenance costs and enhanced equipment durability.
  • Superior oxidation stability
  • Good corrosion protection.
  • Very good shear stability
  • Outstanding low temperature fluidity reduces wear at start-up and helps in smoother shifting at low ambient temperatures
  • Good anti-foam properties

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