Engine Flush

Engine Flush

Cleans the Engine after Each Oil Drain

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Rymax Engine Flush is a specialty product consisting of highly effective cleaning detergents which is to be used prior to regular oil changes. It removes gums, varnish, sludge and contaminants like carbon deposits and cleans the oil system for optimum performance.

How to use?

  • Start by adding the entire contents of one bottle to the crankcase of a warm engine before performing an oil change.
  • Allow the engine to run for 15 minutes, alternating between low and high RPM.
  • After the engine has run for 15 minutes, drain the oil from the crankcase.
  • Replace the oil filter with a new one.
  • Finally, refill the crankcase with the recommended fresh motor oil.

Note that these instructions are intended for all types of engines, including gasoline, diesel, and LPG engines, and apply to both turbocharged and nonturbocharged engines. Additionally, this product is compatible with mineral, synthetic, and fully synthetic motor oils.

One bottle treats a crankcase of 3 to 6 litres.






  • Internally cleans and flushes the engine with highly effective cleaning agents.
  • Eliminates gums, varnish and sludge.
  • Easily removes contaminants like carbon deposits, soot and liquids (water and fuel rests).
  • Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by restoring engine condition and enabling the fresh oil to perform optimally.

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