Atexio VI

Atexio VI

Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

BMW 83 22 0 397 114 Dexron VI Dexron III MB 236.41 Ford Mercon LV Ford Mercon SP Toyota Type WS (JWS 3324)
904570 Atexio VI 1 L 0 5x


Rymax Atexio VI is a fully synthetic transmission fluid (ATF) especially developed for automatic transmissions of General Motors. It is also suitable for power steering systems and some hydraulic systems where a good low temperature fluidity is required. Rymax Atexio VI meets the DEXRON VI specification which is especially developed for the new Hydra-Matic six-speed transmission of General Motors. This ATF is required in all automatic transmissions of General Motors build from 2006 or later. Rymax Atexio VI is backwards compatible where Dexron II and Dexron III is required






  • Extremely low pour point to allow easy gear shift at cold start
  • High and very stable viscosity index
  • Improved resistance against oxidation, mechanical wear, corrosion and foam building.
  • Extended drain interval for new GM automatic transimmisions compared to DEXRON III

Available in

size-icon-1l 1L
size-icon-20l 20L
size-icon-205l 205L
Group 54 1000L
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