Apollo C3 5W-30

Apollo C3 5W-30

Full Synthetic Long Life Engine Oil

ACEA C3 API SN/CF BMW LL-04 GM Dexos 2 GM-LL-A-025 GM-LL-B-025 MB 229.51 MB 229.52 MB 229.31 OV0401547 VW 502.00 VW 505.00 VW 505.01
Passenger Car Engine Oils
903207 Apollo C3 5 W 30 5 L 0 5x


Rymax Apollo C3 5W-30 is an advanced performance synthetic, ultra-low emission passenger car motor oil specially designed using the most modern additive chemistry, meeting mid SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous & Sulphur) requirements. It has been exclusively developed to extend life and maintain efficiency of the after treatment devices used in the latest generation passenger cars powered by both petrol and diesel engines. It exceeds the performance requirements of the latest low emission oil specifications of leading car manufacturers like Daimler, Chrysler and BMW. Rymax Apollo C3 5W-30 gives good protection of the catalytic converter, ensures cleaner combustion, enhanced fuel economy and low emission levels. Special additives keep the oil and engine parts free from sludge and deposits.






  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Very high Viscosity Index and a high resistance against shearing.
  • Fast cold start properties which results in less wear due a stable lubricant film.
  • Great dispersant and detergent properties, which warrants a clean operation
  • Very good lubrication film at very high working temperatures
  • Very good Anti-Wear, Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Foam properties.

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Group 54 1000L

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