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Founded in the Netherlands in 1986, Rymax Lubricants produces high-quality lubricants and greases with a distinctive look and feel. We have built our business on transparency, honesty, and quality products and services. With a partnership approach and extensive support, Rymax is an exceptional lubricant partner dedicated to your success.

With over 60 exclusive distributors globally, we're a trusted name in the lubricants industry. Our diverse product range has you covered with lubricant solutions for passenger cars, commercial transport, motorcycles, agriculture, industrial, and mining applications.

Rymax Lubricants has achieved remarkable success in numerous African countries, holding a dominant position in the lubricant markets of Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Angola, Rwanda, and more! Now, we are actively seeking an exclusive distributor for Uganda! Is your company interested in representing our brand exclusively? Simply complete the form, and we will reach out to you.

At Rymax Lubricants, we're always pushing the boundaries. We're here to exceed your expectations with top-quality products and unwavering support. Let's succeed together!

At Rymax Lubricants, we prioritize YOUR success. As an exclusive distributor, you'll benefit from:

  • Selling high-quality lubricants and greases made in Holland
  • Access to technical, sales, and marketing trainings
  • Comprehensive range of lubrication solutions
  • Formulations crafted with high-quality European base oils and premium additive packages
  • Approvals from reputable brands like Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, and more
  • Support from an ISO 9001 certified company
  • Full marketing, sales, and logistics support
  • Access to the global Rymax network and online resources through the Rymax Portal
  • Collaboration with your dedicated Customer Success Manager

Is your company interested in representing our brand in Uganda?

Simply complete the form below, and we will reach out to you.

Why Work with Rymax Lubricants?

  • Formulations with high quality European base oils
  • Complete range of lubrication solutions
  • Receive technical, sales, and marketing trainings
  • We focus on YOUR success

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Driving more kilometers per liter: Rymax engine oil reduces our cost of bus servicing significantly.

Ide Rutayisire
Procurement Manager at Ritco

At Zeppelin Ukraine, we recognize the significance of trust when it comes to Caterpillar equipment. As the official dealer, we understand the importance of reliable machines for our customers. I highly recommend Rymax Lubricants to operators working with Caterpillar power equipment systems.

Zeppelin Ukraine
Official Caterpillar Dealer

Having power generators in our factory is essential for the continuity of our operations. They need to be 100 percent reliable. With Rymax lubricants, we can trust that they are.

G5 Plus Breweries Inc.
Monrovia - Liberia
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