Become a Rymax Lubricants Reseller in the Philippines

In the Rymax family, we stand for honesty, transparency, and quality. These core values are the backbone of our organization, shaping everything we do. Since our start in the Netherlands in 1986, Rymax Lubricants has been dedicated to producing high-quality lubricants and greases with a unique touch.

With over 60 exclusive distributors worldwide, Rymax Lubricants is an established and rapidly growing brand within the lubricants industry. Our range covers lubricant solutions for passenger cars, commercial transport, motorcycles, racing, agriculture, industrial, mining, and marine applications.

Expanding on our successful market presence in Philippines, our local partner, is actively seeking new retail partners!

Why become a Rymax retailer in Philippines?

  • High-Quality Products: Sell lubricants and greases that are proudly Made in Holland, offering a complete range of solutions for various applications.
  • European Quality: Benefit from formulations made with high-quality European base oils and premium additive packages.
  • Trusted Approvals: Our products have received approvals from reputable names like Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, and more.
  • Certified Quality: Partner with an ISO 9001-certified company, ensuring that you are associated with a brand committed to quality management.
  • Decades of Expertise: With over 35 years of experience in the lubricants market, Rymax brings a wealth of knowledge to support your success.

Join the Rymax Family

Our local partner in Philippines is looking for local retailers to continue selling our premium products. Are you interested in selling our products? Fill in the form.

Quality and innovation are Rymax's main business.

John Ralston
Managing Director of Tank Weld Equipment

Driving more kilometers per liter: Rymax engine oil reduces our cost of bus servicing significantly.

Ide Rutayisire
Procurement Manager at Ritco

Our trucks and factory machines are better maintained compared to when we were using different products.

Jotham Majyalibu
Managing Director of Petrocom Ltd

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