Gevitro GL-5 HD 85W-90

Gevitro GL-5 HD 85W-90

Heavy Duty Gear Oil

API GL-5 MAN 342 Type M1 MAN 342 Type M2 MB 235.6 MIL-L-2105D Arvin Meritor 0-76-D SAE J2360 Scania STO 1.0 Volvo 97310 Volvo 97316 ZF TE-ML 05A ZF TE-ML 07A ZF TE-ML 08 ZF TE-ML 12M ZF TE-ML 16B ZF TE-ML 16C ZF TE-ML 16D ZF TE-ML 17B ZF TE-ML 19B ZF TE-ML 21A
Gear Oils
903566 Gevitro GL 5 HD 85 W 90 5 L 0 5x


Rymax Gevitro GL-5 HD 85W-90 is a high performance gear lubricant for use in heavy duty axle drives of commercial vehicles and passenger cars and is blended from high quality base oils and performance additives to provide excellent protection to gear components. Rymax Gevitro GL-5 HD's excellent extreme pressure properties impart high load-carrying capability to provide reliable protection to gear components in applications where extreme pressure and shock loading are encountered. It provides effective protection against oxidation, degradation, rust & corrosion and a long service life and low running costs. Not suitable for automatic transmissions.






  • Gevitro GL-5 HD is suitable for heavy duty non-synchronized manual transmissions, axles and final drives where API GL-5 quality oils are specified.

Available in

size-icon-1l 1L
size-icon-5l 5L
size-icon-20l 20L
size-icon-205l 205L
Group 54 1000L
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