Endurox XLD 10W-40

Endurox XLD 10W-40

Full Synthetic Heavy-Duty Engine Oil

API CI-4 ACEA E4 ACEA E7 Cummins CES 20077 Cummins CES 20078 Deutz DQC III-10 Mack EO-N MAN M3277 MB 228.5 MTU type 3 Renault RXD/RLD-2 Scania LDF-2 Volvo VDS-3
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Endurox XLD 10W-40 is our full synthetic Ultra High Performance diesel engine oil for heavy-duty engines, developed to meet the requirements of most modern European engines meeting Euro II, III, IV and V emission norms. It is formulated with premium quality synthetic base oils and advanced additive packages to offer superior engine protection and significantly extend drain intervals. This oil meets the latest ACEA E7 & ACEA E4 specifications and is suitable for severe heavy-duty applications and extended service life in most modern European vehicles.

Endurox XLD is not suitable for diesel engines fitted with diesel particulate filter (DPF). Endurox XLD is also available in SAE 5W-30.






  • Extended drain intervals due to superior TBN retention
  • Excellent soot handling capability minimizes soot related wear
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
  • Excellent protection from rust, foam and corrosion
  • Excellent low temperature properties to ensure easy cold start

Available in

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Group 54 1000L

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