Boreas PAO FG 150

Boreas PAO FG 150

Food Grade PAO based Compressor and Vacuum Pump Oil

Food Grade Oils Compressor Oils
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Rymax Boreas PAO FG 150 oil is specially formulated synthetic oils designed for use in compressors and vacuum pumps within the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. These oils are of food-grade quality and completely non-toxic, ensuring the highest level of safety for use in sensitive applications. Boreas PAO oils excel in demanding environments, delivering exceptional performance and protection against wear. They demonstrate excellent results in maintaining a lubricating film, even under the most challenging conditions, as they readily separate from water and air. This ensures consistent lubrication and optimal equipment operation.

Utilizing the latest technology, Boreas PAO FG offer advanced protection against internal wear and sludge formation. They possess the unique ability to clean pump components from the inside, effectively dissolving any formations. Additionally, this innovative technology improves heat control and minimizes oxidation, preserving the oil's quality for an extended period. As a result, Boreas PAO oils have a longer lifespan, ensuring reliable performance and reducing maintenance requirements. With enhanced water separation capabilities, these oils prevent lubricant failure, while their increased oxidative stability enables longer drain intervals and reduces the tendency for lacquering. This translates to improved efficiency and cost savings for businesses operating in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.They are also available in ISO VG-32/46/68/100.






  • Excellent lubrication and reduced wear due to low friction coefficient.
  • Increased equipment lifespan and reduced oil consumption.
  • Effective prevention of varnish and lacquering, promoting system cleanliness.
  • Wide temperature and oxidation stability of fully synthetic oil, enabling extended servicing intervals.
  • High demulsification properties for enhanced lubrication efficiency.
  • Low foaming characteristics, minimizing residue, varnish, and scum build-up, resulting

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