Ancal EPP 2

Ancal EPP 2

Extreme Pressure Polymer Anhydrous Calcium Grease

ISO 12924: L-XC(F)CIB2 DIN 51502: KP2K-30
503794 Ancal EPP 2 18kg 0 5x


Rymax Ancal EPP 2 is a top-performing anhydrous calcium thickened lubricating grease, formulated with a mineral oil and polymer base and fortified with antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, and EP/AW additives. The unique thickener, in combination with the proprietary base oil blend, imparts excellent lubricating properties, making it ideal for use in medium loaded bearings operating in wet and corrosive environments. The product features superior adhesion and water resistance with better performance compared to Lithium grease, making it a high-quality multipurpose grease that is well-suited for both industrial and automotive applications, including a wide range of plain and rolling bearings. Its semi-fluid grease consistency ensures its suitability for use in centralised lubrication systems, while its viscosity is tailored to meet the requirements of gearboxes.

To indicate the performance capabilities for different parameters, a performance profile is created to the right of the TDS with comparison to Lithium grease.






  • Superior protection against water, making it ideal for use in wet environments or applications where water exposure is likely.
  • Versatile range of applications, suitable for use in various types of machinery, equipment, and vehicles.
  • Effective corrosion protection, helping to prevent rust and prolong the lifespan of equipment and machinery.

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