Styx UTTO FS 75W

Styx UTTO FS 75W

Full Synthetic Universal Tractor Oil

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Agricultural Oils
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Rymax Styx UTTO FS 75W is a fully synthetic oil developed for transmissions and hydraulic, oil-cooled brake and clutch systems, of agricultural, home gardening and industrial tractors. Because of the low pour point, this oil is very suitable for cold climate conditions. They are suitable for modern disc brake materials, specifically wet brakes, and fulfils the requirements of the Volvo WB 102 specifications. It has excellent viscosity properties at low temperatures when compared to regular mineral oil based UTTO products with the same viscosity grade. Styx UTTO FS is also available in SAE 80W.

Styx UTTO FS is not an engine oil.






  • Very favourable friction characteristics
  • Suitable for use in systems with “wet” brakes
  • Eliminates stick slip
  • Very good shear stability
  • Excellent protection against wear and corrosion.
  • Very good anti-foam properties.

Available in

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Group 54 1000L

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