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The start of Tour du Rwanda

Rymax Lubricants and its Rwandese partner Société Pétrolière LTD (SP) are official sponsor of Tour du Rwanda, organized by FERWACY, the official Cycling Federation of Rwanda. Rymax is member of the Club des Supporters, SP will be official sponsor of this UCI Africa Tour level 2.1 competition.
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The race started on May 2nd and finishes on Sunday the 9th of May. It is considered one of the most challenging and beautiful UCI races on the calendar, covering the country of a thousand hills; Rwanda. 

Racing a bike is all about fluent motion, effective transfer of power and reducing resistance: aspects Rymax Lubricants always puts first when developing new products or optimizing its existing portfolio of lubrication products and greases. Besides, the impressive stages of the Tour du Rwanda challenges the riders to push their limits and challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zone: something we do every day at Rymax Lubricants.

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