Motrax R 2T

Motrax R 2T

2-Stroke Full Synthetic Motorcycle Racing Oil

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LUB002118 Motrax 2 T 1 L


Rymax Motrax R 2T is a high performance 2-stroke racing oil for petrol engines, developed specifically to meet the requirements of the latest high-performance air- and water-cooled 2-stroke racing motorcycles that run under extreme operating conditions and temperatures. This product has been extensively tested by various members of the Rymax Racing Team, demanding ultimate performance. This product is also suitable for Go-kart racing. Rymax Motrax R 2T racing oil is also available as a 4-stroke engine oil (5W-50, 10W-60).

Rymax Motrax R 2T is formulated with high quality synthetic ester, castor oil and unique additives.

Rymax Motrax R 2T is purely developed for pre-mix 2-stroke engines. It is not suitable for oil injection or 'auto-lube' systems.






  • Boosts engine power for improved performance.
  • Ensures superior bearing protection, enhancing durability.
  • Maintains strong lubrication even at high temperatures.
  • Provides excellent scuff protection, reducing friction.
  • Controls deposits effectively, keeping engine components clean and efficient.

Available in

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