Gevitro R LS 75W-140

Gevitro R LS 75W-140

Full Synthetic Limited Slip Racing Gear Oil

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Gevitro R LS 75W-140 is a fuel saving universal high performance EP racing gear oil based on synthetic technology for use as total driveline gear of passenger cars, vans, light- and heavy commercial vehicles with limited slip differentials. Gevitro R LS is formulated with PAO (PolyAlphaOlefins) synthetic base stocks in combination with a unique EP-additive technology.

Choose Gevitro R for your racing gear oil needs, and experience the benefits of a high-quality synthetic lubricant specifically tailored to meet the demanding requirements of racing, commercial vehicles, and off-highway equipment. It has been rigorously tested and proven at renowned motorsport events like the Gatebil Drift Festival and The Morocco Desert Challenge. Our R-line products are the epitome of performance and reliability.






  • Very good protection against wear.
  • Very good performance against the forming of foam and corrosion.
  • Outstanding Oxidation- and thermal stability.
  • Fully compatible with synchromesh transmissions.
  • Excellent limited slip performance to reduce chatter and improves traction

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