Gevitro FG 460

Gevitro FG 460

Food Grade Gear Oil

Food Grade Oils Gear Oils
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Rymax Gevitro FG 460 is a high-performance food-grade lubricant that is designed for gears, bearings, and transmissions. Food-grade oils are essential for the machinery used in food processing and packaging industries. They are specially formulated to be safe for incidental contact with food products, without compromising the performance of the machinery.

The base stock technology used in the formulation of Gevitro FG, along with special additives, provides exceptional performance, making it an ideal choice for equipment used in the food industry. All the raw materials used in the formulation of this range of lubricants are non-toxic and meet the requirements of food-grade standards. Moreover, Rymax Gevitro FG is NSF H1 registered, which means that it is safe for incidental food contact. With Rymax Gevitro FG, you can ensure the smooth and safe operation of your machinery while maintaining the highest standards of food safety.They are also available in ISO VG-220/320 grades.






  • Offers excellent performance and contains selected additives suitable for various applications in the food production and processing industry.
  • Designed for lubricating gears, gearboxes, bearings, chains, screws, and joints, and can be used in most manufacturing processes.
  • Suitable for use in conical and helical gears.

Available in

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