Raillub ZF 40

Raillub ZF 40

Zinc Free Medium Speed Diesel Engine Oil

API CF / CF-2 General Motors EMD GE as Generation 4 Long Life Oils GE Diesel Engines LMOA Generation 5
Railway Engine Oils


Rymax Raillub ZF 40 is high performance, zinc-free (ZF) and chlorine-free oil specially designed to provide excellent engine cleanliness and oil filter life in the modern railroad diesel locomotive engines. These oils are formulated with an additive package endorsed by engine manufacturers and meet the requirements of newer diesel locomotive engines of General Electric (GE) and Electro Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors.

Raillub Zinc Free is applicable for:

  • Railroad diesel locomotive engines specifying LMOA Gen 5 quality oils
  • Medium speed two-cycle and four-cycle railroad engines, including newer diesel locomotive engines of GE and EMD of General Motors
  • Marine and stationary engines for power generation or off-shore drilling requiring zinc-free oils
  • Detroit Diesel 149 series engines operating under severe conditions
  • Stationary engines requiring API CF and CF-2 quality oils






  • Excellent oxidation and thermal stability
  • Exceptional resistance to thermal cracking and decomposition
  • Minimizes deposit formation and viscosity increase
  • Non corrosive to aluminium, steel, copper, brass or bronze
  • Used in both open (180°C) and closed units (315°C)

Available in

size-icon-20l 20L
size-icon-205l 205L
Group 54 1000L

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