Hydra HVI 46

Hydra HVI 46

High Viscosity Hydraulic Oil HVLP

ISO 11158 HV DIN 51524/3 HVLP AFNOR NFE 48-603 HV Cincinnati P-70 Eaton (Vickers) M-2950-S/I-286-S Sauer Danfoss 520L0463 US Steel 126 US Steel 127
Hydraulic Oils
Rymax Drum Black 205 L 185kg 0 5x


Rymax Hydra HVI 46 oils are premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oils specially developed for applications subjected to a wide range of temperatures or where small viscosity changes with fluctuating temperatures occur. Rymax Hydra HVI is formulated with high quality paraffinic base oils, a highly shear stable polymer and an advanced additive system to meet the stringent requirements of modern hydraulic systems.

Rymax Hydra HVI oils are very suitable for hydraulic and power transmission systems subjected to a wide range of ambient operating temperatures, critical hydraulic systems such as high accuracy numerically controlled machine tools and those employing close clearance servo valves. But also hydraulic systems of excavators, cranes and hydrostatic drives subjected to most severe outdoor operating conditions and hydraulic systems operating under high pressures and requiring high degree of load carrying capability and Anti-Wear protection.

Rymax HVI is also available in ISO-VG 15/22/32/68/100.






  • Excellent anti-wear properties
  • High viscosity assures equipment protection at cold start-up
  • Excellent thermal oxidative stability controls formation of sludge and varnish
  • Compatible with metals and sealing materials used in hydraulic systems
  • Effective to rust and corrosion

Available in

size-icon-20l 20L
size-icon-205l 205L
Group 54 1000L

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