Dione G-12++ Ready-to-use 50/50

Dione G-12++ Ready-to-use 50/50

Ready-to-use AntiFreeze and Engine Coolant

AFNOR NF R15-601 ASTM D 3306 ASTM D 4985 SAE J 1034 BS 6580 FFV Heft R443 CUNA NC 956-16 UNE 26361-88 JIS K2234 NATO S 759 KSM 2142 EMPA E/L 1415C (MIL Italy) Audi TL 774 G Bentley TL 774 G Bugatti TL 774 G Lamborghini TL 774 G Porsche Scania Seat TL 774 G Skoda TL 774 G Volkswagen VAG TL 774 G
AntiFreeze & Coolants
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Rymax Dione G-12++ Ready-to-use is a modern, easy to use coolant based on mono ethylene glycol developed specifically to meet the latest standards from Volkswagen (VW TL 774G). The product is free of nitrites, amines, phosphates and based on SOAT technology (Silicated Organic Acid Technology) for long periods of protection of all metal alloys. Rymax Dione G-12++ Ready-to-use is suitable for use in both petrol and diesel engines and has been introduced to meet the demands of OEM's who favour this combination of organic & silicate technology. This coolant can be used in models from year 2007 and is backward compatible with the G11, G12 and G12 + standards.






  • Rymax Dione G12++ Ready-to-use coolant and antifreeze is already pre-mixed with water and is ready to use, providing a permanent and guaranteed protection against freezing and excellent cooling.

Available in

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Group 54 1000L
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